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Social Media Editors from Penguin, Kensington, and Macmillan Speak

What a great meeting for our NYC Chapter! We heard fabulous tips from social media publicity experts at the top houses, so we can rest in their capable hands or… More »


RWA 2016 National Convention

Review of the RWA 2016 National Convention Gorgeous San Diego was the location for the RWA 2016 National Convention, and overall it was a great conference venue with easy-to-access hotels… More »


Want to write your book with only 8 Minutes a day?

Do you want to develop a good writing habit? According to author Monica Leonelle, it’s quite possible! This is a great simple way to make a fast start.


Rowling’s Rejecting Letters Give Hope

In a series of tweets, famous celebrity author J.K. Rowling admits she kept a file of rejection letters and kept on pushing! Way to go!


Visit to Jeff Koons Studio

Is Being a Writer Different than Being an Artist? Fabulous exclusive visit to Jeff Koons studio today with my art group from NYC. So here’s a Wall Street guy who… More »


Do you like to write Fantasy? Sci-Fi?

If you like to write Fantasy and Sci-Fi … Here is a great link to the Fantasy and Sci-Fi chapter (online) of the RWA.


Interview with Kensington Editor Esi Sogah, Senior Fiction Editor

Fabulous Interview with Kensington Editor Esi Sogah, Who is Senior Fiction Editor Kensington editor Esi Sogah is a warm, generous, engaging woman who spoke to our local New York chapter… More »

screenwriting tips for authors

Secrets of How to Write Fast

Do you want to learn the secrets of writing fast? According to many successful writers, the secret of good writing is writing fast. Many people have told me that when… More »

plot with scrivener

No Plot? No Problem!

Plot Success With Scrivener   This book was recommended to me on the YARWA site and it is a real treasure. If you do not have a plot, this book… More »

John Truby

John Truby: Master Plotting

Do You Want to Master Plotting? John Truby has been around for years, telling people how to master plotting. This book, though, is one of his best gems. I like… More »

my story can beat up your story

Curious about Tips to Help You Become a Best Selling Author?

Becoming a Best Selling Author Would be fabulous, yes? This web site has a lot of information to help you learn to submit to agents and write your book.

Take off Your Pants

Do you Hate to Plot???

The world is divided between writers who hate to plot, and those who need to! Your imagination and your characters can show you the way to a better manuscript faster if you… More »

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