Do you Hate to Plot???

The world is divided between writers who hate to plot, and those who need to!

Your imagination and your characters can show you the way to a better manuscript faster if you know how to let them. Learn how to free your mind from the demands of plotting and the dreaded synopsis, quickly come up with more ideas, go deeper into POV, strategies to avoid author intrusion and more via lecture, more than a dozen exercises and Q&A.


  1. Anti-plotting (AP) vs. plotting
  2. Generating more ideas faster
  3. The author vs. the characters
  4. Attitude and prewriting
  5. How the synopsis and keeping track fits in
  6. Anti-chronological writing
  7. Worry/self-doubt vs. your subconscious vs. writing
  8. Let it go
  9. Advantages/disadvantages of AP and plotting
  10. Conclusion/summary/final Qs

This is a class offered by the Hearts Through History Chapter
For more information, please see this page

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