Secrets of How to Write Fast

Do you want to learn the secrets of writing fast?

According to many successful writers, the secret of good writing is writing fast. Many people have told me that when they set a timer for five or fifteen minutes, they can write fast and write well.

Right now, I am participating in a workshop in which everyone is supporting each other in their efforts to write fast.

Here are some of the ways discussed in terms of how to write fast.

1. Invest in a timer and set the time to five or fifteen minutes.
2. Write fast during this period, not paying attention to the “internal editor” and not bothering to correct spelling mistakes.
3. When stuck, write in the voice of another character or person.
4. Invest in a dictating app for your iPhone, such as Dragon Naturally Speaking, and speak your novel.

I often use a timer to write fast and can attest to its great effect.

Stay tuned for more advice as it is revealed.

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