RWA 2016 National Convention

Review of the RWA 2016 National Convention

Gorgeous San Diego was the location for the RWA 2016 National Convention, and overall it was a great conference venue with easy-to-access hotels and shuttles.

Benefits in attending the RWA 2016 National Convention live instead of listening to the recording included the opportunity to pitch editors/agents and go to “Open Houses” sponsored by publishers.

Of course, there’s always the potential to have a “cute meet” conversation with an editor or agent in the hallways at the RWA 2016 National Convention , but personally I prefer to research and pitch editors/agents and send an email query.

Though I am still working myself through the recordings and attended as many sessions as I could, these are my personal takeaways:

1. Many best selling authors are using Facebook ads as a way of attracting buyers and getting on USA today lists.
2. Social media is becoming key to becoming a “name.”
3. Branding is more important than ever.

Between RWA 2015 in New York and the RWA 2016 National Convention I did not hear many new revelations, yet to me it seemed as if the branding aspect of authorship is becoming increasingly important. Towards that end if you attended the RWA NYC Damon Suede presentation or received the materials you are well on your way to success.

For those who belong to large specialist internet chapters, such as Young Adult and Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal (FF&P) it was an occasion to attend pre-conference seminars and parties and get to know fellow chapter members in person. As I’m a member of these two groups, I really enjoyed the “Day of YA” before the conference where we had a team of top editors tell us what they were looking for and also a very high level workshop on how to revise manuscripts. When my YA is ready, I feel that having attended the Day of YA and editorial panel would give me a good “in” to get to the editor directly. The revision workshop was also priceless. It was also great to go to the FF&P party and meet people whose names and concerns I read about on the Yahoo list.

We will see what RWA 2017 National Convention in Orlando has in store!

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