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The Power of Habit

Good Writing Habits: Are They Important?

Do you have good writing habits? This book, The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg, can really help you understand how to discipline yourself to be a better writer. I… More »


Self-Editing For Writers

Editing! Curious that some people actually LIKE to edit. It’s possibly you’ve purchased self-editing books in the past (I certainly did) but reading is not the same as doing. That’s… More »


Using TV Tactics to Create Tension & Excitement

Have you ever thought about using TV tactics to generate excitement? Ines Johnson, a high powered TV writer, is teaching a course for the Young Adult chapter of RWA about… More »

A School for Unusual Girls

A School for Unusual Girls

Very interesting book! In one of the classes I am taking through the YARWA chapter (Young Adult, Romance Writers of America) I was intrigued by the title when one of… More »


Pinterest: Good Publicity for Authors?

Recently Lana Pattinson lead a fabulous class on how authors could use Pinterest to promote their books. The class was quite challenging, requiring spreadsheets, research, and to a certain extent,… More »

weird guy

What’s On Your Character Sheet?

What’s On Your Character Sheet? We all know the importance of knowing your character … sometimes, we feel we know a character so well we don’t feel like writing anything… More »


Like NaNoWriMo? You’ll Love The Ruby Slipper Sisterhood Competition

Do you need competition to start writing? If you’re too impatient to wait until November for National Novel Writing Month, good news! You can join the Ruby Slipper Sisterhood’s competition… More »

Learn Wine Fast!

The Essential Guide to Tasting, Talking, & Choosing Wine Like an Expert

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